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Tribulus 3000

Tribulusis an herb that owes its popularity among athletes and older people due to its potential “prosexual” and performance-enhancing effects. Each tablet contains 3000 mg of extract, which is rich in saponin.


Why do athletes use tribulus terrestris?

Tribulushas gained widespread popularity among athletes ever since steroids were banned at the Olympics and international competitions, and so testosterone levels need to be raised without artificially stimulating hormone levels. As the news and effects of the tribulus leaked, it quickly spread. Even though research on the “muscle and strength-building effect” is progressing slowly, tribulus is still thought to indirectly increase testosterone levels, leading to an increase in lean muscle mass, thus keeping itself at the forefront of supplements used by athletes.

How does it promote muscle mass growth and regeneration?

  • Increases natural testosterone production without artificially stimulating hormone levels, helping to increase muscle mass

How it contributes to a long life

  • It increases the potency of men and is potentially effective against impotence and sterility

Effect on performance enhancement

According to research, tribulus terrestris may be useful in treating the following symptoms:

  • Erection problems
  • Sterility
  • Low libido
  • Low energy level
  • Kidney and liver diseases (mainly stones)

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Unfortunately, after about the age of 40, the natural process of aging affects our sexual performance and desire and causes many physiological changes in our bodies. Our bodies slow down and produce less hormone, which can cause a significant drop in testosterone levels – a hormone that affects male and female sexual activity. Tribulus appears to increase the levels of pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH), which is responsible for regulating testosterone levels. Specifically, LH carries the message to the body to increase natural testosterone production – thus increasing sexual activity in men. Theoretically, supplementation with a tribule can therefore increase our testosterone levels, which in turn can increase the body’s ability to build muscle. Although a study showed a 30% increase in testosterone levels from 750 grams of tribulus, there is no muscle or resp. documented data supporting the increase in force. Another study showed a 72% increase in luteinizing hormone and a 41% increase in testosterone levels. However, neither force nor muscle growth.

Sexual performance

Tribulus has a pronounced effect on sexual function: clinical trials have clearly shown it increases libido and also has a stimulating effect, increasing sexual performance in both men and women. Truth be told, this plant has been used for centuries to enhance sexual performance, and research has shown that it reduces sterility in women and impotence in men, as well as a decrease in libido in both sexes. One study showed an increase in testosterone levels and a 71% increase in libido and an increase in sexual reflexes in cases where there was a complete decrease in libido previously. There was also a significant lack of side effects after artificial stimulation of sex hormones, e.g. after anabolic steroid use. Some researchers say the use of the tribulus is much more promising because it balances hormone levels.

Other benefits

Although the experiments have so far been limited to animals, some scientists have conducted clinical research showing that tribulus lowers cholesterol, helps with liver function, urinary excretion, and increases cardiovascular and even mood. One of the most recent research conducted by Indian researchers in 1993 showed a 45% general improvement in mood among those who have lost their general interest in the things in life and are feeling tired. Another potential benefit is that as a weak diuretic, it helps water get out of our body. It has been used for this purpose for centuries, as it can “cleanse” or rejuvenate our body and is both safe and effective.

Suggestions for use


Some researchers recommend 250-750 mg (standardized to 40% furostanol saponin) of tribulus, while others recommend a higher dose of 750-1250 mg daily. Although it is not yet entirely clear what the “optimal” use rate is, there is evidence that a daily intake of 750 mg may lead to a positive result.


Tribulus terrestrist is recommended to be consumed with meals in several portions daily. Researchers recommend cyclization when taking tribulus. A typical cycle consists of 6-8 weeks of use and 2-4 weeks of pause.

Safety information

Tribulus terrestris is not indicated during pregnancy and lactation. Men with an enlarged prostate should not take any product that has a testosterone-boosting effect. Some have reported stomach upset while taking it.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

Not documented. Although some cheaper products have already been found to have been “contaminated” through negligence or deliberately during manufacture, which could in principle have led to a doping offense. On the other hand, if the in-vitro research results are true, tribulus may affect hormone levels, but research is not known as to whether this change may alter hormone levels, thus confusing the user to an indirect doping offense. Anyone who strives for 101% safety will not force tribulus preparations when racing.